Qula, the best and cheapest group outing

Discovery and walking tours on your Smartphone. The ideal outing for family and groups


Interactive group scavenger hunt through a city. You get to know the city while playing a fun game. Known from Tripadvisor.


A Pub Trail is a super fun combination of a scavenger hunt hunt and a Pub Crawl. Ideal for an outing with friends.


Action Trails are for people who like strategy and action. 'the hunt' is a popular group activity of Qula.


Qula has made fun quests for the bike. Of course you can also do them on a scooter!


Kids Trails are affordable and superspaing children's parties. Nice to play outside and in every neighborhood!


Nature Trails are interactive nature walks for charity. With every kilometer you get a nice question.

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We had a super fun morning. This way you can see some other things from Leiden with fun facts. The assignments we received by phone were sometimes downright hilarious.'

The Elephants (Qula Leiden)


Our staff association has the Qula City Amsterdam Trail bought through a discount site. We had a great afternoon as a team for little money. With the money we havespaard, we had a nice dinner in the city.'

Karin (Qula Amsterdam)

Team Joure

Visiting a city is always a bit boring for the kids. But they really enjoyed the walk. They thought it was great that assignments came in by telephone and earning points even better. We will certainly do this more often.'

Louise Hettema (Qula Den Bosch)

Team Erleto

We had a lovely day in Delft. The questions were not too difficult and the children had fun looking for the answers. Worth the effort.' 

Team Erleto (Qula Delft)


What fun we had in Rotterdam, a big 10! We did have a problem with the app, but a Qulaemployee helped us directly via Whatsapp.'

sharina (Qula Rotterdam)


My husband and I found it educational and the kids loved it. The route prevents you from wandering aimlessly Breda wanders, you really do something with the family.'

Annette (Qula Breda)