Qula pub Trail Amsterdam

a super fun combination of a treasure hunt and a Pub Crawl through the night Amsterdam on your smartphone

Eric de Jager
Eric de Jagerover Pub Trail Alkmaar
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We had a nice evening. The game was farassend and I won a gift card.
Jessica Hack
Jessica Hackover Pub Trail Den Bosch
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Very nice! We went with the sailing club and didn't get further than the second pub haha!
Dart Lebberinga
Dart Lebberingaover Pub Trail Maastricht
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I actually liked the scavenger hunt more than the pubs. Don't be such a pub tiger. Maastricht I think it's totally crazy.
Alex Cranenburg
Alex Cranenburgover Pub Trail Breda
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Late at night I lost my fellow players. That's why I missed a Pub game. But had a great night.
Viola Borse
Viola Borseover Pub Trail Utrecht
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I had hoped for something more 'inclusive'. But was fun to do, really!
Fanny van der Plas
Fanny van der Plasover Pub Trail Hoorn
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We have this with our ex-year club in Hoorn done. Of all places :)). Normally, pub in, pub out. The game element just makes the evening really funny.
Jitskeover Pub Trail Leeuwarden
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We had a very nice, educational and fun evening! Regards, Jitske
Woutina Ruitenberger
Woutina Ruitenbergerover Pub Trail Nijmegen
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With the staff association we have Nijmegen done this. you can never make everyone happyaken, but the vast majority of people found this outing very successful. Fortunately, we have a nice discount of Qula because we are in care. Shame about the rain.
40% discount
€50 CASH
25% discount
10% discount
Gift Card worth €49
Turn the wheel a nice prize to win
  • you can turn 2 times

What is a Pub Trail?

A Pub Trail is a combination of a treasure hunt and a Pub Crawl. you maken a scavenger hunt around town and visit a few pubs. In the city you see the nicest places and in pubs you get funny assignments.

The game is played against each other. The game ends with a 'Wheel of Fortune' on which the winner wins a nice prize at the end. But there is also a'wheel of bad luck' and maybe you'll run an assignment that makes your friends laugh heartily.

It doesn't matter how long you two Pub Trail to do. But it takes you at least 2 hours to get a Pub Trail.

There is no guide from Qula with you. Pub Trail is played on a smartphone. Read more about how it works at 'How does a Pub Trail?'.

pubgentmorning zutphen
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    Have a chance to win €250...or one of the other prizes
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    You don't do drinking games
  • small-beer-icon - copy
    You play against each other
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    This activity can also be done during the day
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    Drinks are not included in the game
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    'Pay & Play'
    you don't have to book a date
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    At least 4 persons
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    € 17,50 pp
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Pub Trail Amsterdam


Central Station, Amsterdam


about 4,9 km


during this Pub Trail discover the tourist 'highlights' of Amsterdam and of course very nice pubs

What is a Pub Trail?
A Pub Trail is a combination of a treasure hunt with a pubgentmorning. You go on a treasure hunt through the city and in the pubs you visit you play a nice pub game.

So you can earn points, but who wins the Pub Trail?
You play the game against each other. The one with the highest points wins. The winner has a chance to win €250 cash, a scratch card that can be used to win €25.000, a Qula Gift Card of €49, a VVV voucher worth €50 or another nice prize.

Can I get the Pub Trail also play with 2 people?
No, the minimum number of people is 3. Then you pay for 4 people. This is annoying, but it is due to costs that weaken to start the game.

What are we going to do now?
During the treasure hunt through the pleasant center of the city, you will be asked a question about nice places (for example a monument, a church or a special building). Answering the question correctly will earn you points. In the cafes you get fun, but simple assignments. With this you can also earn points...or lose :))

In the game is a 'Wheel of Bad Luck'. Maybe you run a bad luck assignment that makes your friends laugh heartily. The game ends with the 'Wheel of Fortune'. The winner can spin this and wins a nice prize.

Where can I find the Qula apps?
This digital cruciblegentThis morning you play via a login on a website. So you don't have to download an app from the Google or Apple store.

How long does the Pub Trail?
The scavenger hunt consists of about 7 locations that you must try to find in the city. During the trail you will pass some nice pubs. In the pub you play a fun, not too difficult pub game. You can choose in which pub you do this.

How long it takes you to do this is entirely up to you. You can rush through the game in 2 hours, or it can take you late into the night. You can de Pub Trail can also cancel at any time.

Do I have to make reservations?
No, you determine the day and time yourself. After you have ordered, you will receive an email with a login. If you have a login, you can go whenever you want. This is possible 24/7.

Can the Pub Trail only be walked in the evening?
You can do the Pub Trail do when the pubs are open. The game can therefore also be played during the day.

What do I need for the Pub Trail?
A good mood, a nice team and per person a telephone with a data abonnelement. You need access to the Internet. GPS location must also be turned on on your phone and your phone must be fully charged.

For one of the pub games you have to bring your own pen, paper and 2 dice.

Where does the digital pub startgentmorning?
The starting point for each city can be found on our website. You will also receive it by e-mail if you have purchased the Trail. However, our starting point is an advice, you can also start somewhere else if you want.

Is the Pub Trail suitable for children?
If you have no objection to your children visiting a cafe, then the Pub Trail also suitable for children. The combination with a treasure hunt in a 'foreign' city, visiting a nice cafe with funny assignments, will surely make the day unforgettable for them too.

I'd rather not have my kids go to a pub, is there another game?
Then we advise Qula City Trails. These are great quests through Dutch and Belgian cities. One Qula City Trail is truly an outing for the whole family.

Can I get the Pub Trail play in another language?
Yes, the game is in 6 languages ​​(Dutch, French, German, English, Spaans and Italian) available. Each player can play in a different language.

Do I need a map of the city?
No, in the game is a digital card. So you don't need a map of the city.

- Je kunt vrijwel direct spelen na aankoop, je hoeft géén tijdstip of datum te reserveren

- Je kunt tot 1 jaar na aankoop gebruik maken van de login die je ontvangt

- Je hoeft (dus) niet 24 uur van te voren te 'reserveren' zoals bijvoorbeeld op Groupon staat

- de Pub Trail is beschikbaar in liefst 6 talen

Als je een uitje voor het héle gezin zoekt, adviseren wij je Qula City Trails. City Trails zijn geweldig leuke speurtochten door Nederlandse en Belgische steden. Je bezoekt de leukste plekjes, lost raadsels op en doet grappige opdrachten. Ook dit is gewoon op je smartphone.

Een Qula City Trail betaal je per groep in plaats van per persoon. Qula City Trails zijn daarom een leuk budget-uitje voor het hele gezin.
Momenteel hebben we voor deze Pub Trail géén kortingsactie met kortingswebsites.

Wilt u deze deal aanbieden op uw portal? Neem dan contact op met de marketing van Qula (marketing@qula.info).

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Een kroegentocht in Amsterdam is de perfecte manier om de Nederlandse hoofdstad te verkennen. Amsterdam is namelijk de nummer 1 stad in Nederland om uit te gaan. Met zijn bruisende nachtleven, veel bars en clubs, is er voor ieder wat wils. Of je nu op zoek bent naar een leuke dansclub of een gezellig café, Amsterdam heeft het allemaal.


Als je op zoek bent naar een leuke dansclub, dan is De Melkweg en Paradiso twee populaire opties. De Melkweg biedt verschillende stijlen van muziek en een verscheidenheid aan artiesten die optreden, terwijl Paradiso meer gericht is op undergroundmuziek en poppunk-bands. Beide locaties bieden ook regelmatig speciale evenementen aan, waardoor er altijd iets te doen is.


Als je op zoek bent naar een goede kroegentocht in Amsterdam, dan is de Jordaan misschien wel de beste plek om te beginnen. Hier vind je alles van trendy bars tot gezellige pubs waar je kunt genieten van lokale bieren en gerechten uit de lokale keukens. Er zijn tal van kleine cafés die ideaal zijn voor het proeven van lokale speciaalbieren en genieten van live muziek of DJ's die draaiend houden tot laat in de avond. Voor degene die meer avontuur zoekt zijn er ook talrijke underground clubs waar je kan dansen tot 's ochtends vroeg!


Een kroegentocht door Amsterdam kan ook ideaal zijn voor een vrijgezellenuitje! Je groepje kan hier samenzitten in allerlei leuke bars om wat te drinken, terwijl mensen ook kunnen geniet van nachtclubs of andere evenementlocaties als ze daar behoefte aan hebben - er is altijd wel iets spannends te beleven in Amsterdam!


Kortom, als je op zoek bent naar echt uitgaansplezier dan ben je met een bezoek aan Amsterdam goed af! Of je nu op zoek bent naar trendy clubs met internationale DJ's of rustige cafés met livemuziek - hier vind je het allemaal! Dus als jouw groepje toe is aan wat avontuur onderneem dan snel dat kroegentocht door Amsterdam - want hier vind je alles wat jullie nodig hebben voor echt uitgaansplezier!