Qula pub Trail Oostende

a super fun combination of a treasure hunt and a pubgentmorning through Ostend on your smartphone

Eric de Jager
Eric de JagerPub Trail Alkmaar
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"We had a great evening. We saw the whole city and visited nice bars."
Jessica Hack
Jessica HackPub Trail Den Bosch
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"Especially for the lustrum of our rowing club. Have fun with the pub assignments!"
Remco van der Waal
Remco van der WaalPub Trail Maastricht
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"What a great city to go out. Really did all the nice squares."
Alex Cranenburg
Alex CranenburgPub Trail Breda
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"I lost my group late in the evening, luckily saw them again at the award ceremony".
Viola Borse
Viola BorsePub Trail Utrecht
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"You have to be corny for the pub assignments, fortunately our club always is."
Lisa van der Plas
Lisa van der PlasPub Trail Hoorn
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"Normally it's a bit aimless going to the bar, going to the bar. Now you're having fun for 3 hours."
JitskePub Trail Leeuwarden
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"Leeuwarden it's really great! Especially the outdoor assignments are hilarious."
Iris Ruitenberger
Iris RuitenbergerPub Trail Nijmegen
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"The annual outing of the office now went completely wild Nijmegen. Worth repeating!"

What is a Pub Trail?

A Pub Trail is a group game. It is a combination of a scavenger hunt and a pubgentmorning. In the city you see the nicest places and in pubs you get funny assignments. 

The game is played against each other. The game ends with a 'Wheel of Fortune' on which the winner wins a nice prize at the end. But there is also a'wheel of bad luck' and maybe you'll run an assignment that makes your friends laugh heartily.

There are also team assignments in the game. This game is ideal for an outing with friends. We get a lot of positive feedback from participants. 

Read more at 'How does a Pub Trail?'.

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    Win €250 or any other prize
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    You don't do drinking games
  • small-beer-icon - copy
    You play against each other
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    This activity can also be done during the day
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    You pay for the game and the prize you win
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    Drinks are not included
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    You do not need to reserve a date
  • small-beer-icon - copy
    At least 4 persons
  • small-beer-icon - copy
    Number of persons uncertain? Agree on a fixed price
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    € 17,50 pp
    Promotion: receive a discount via WhatsApp
    € 17,50 pp
45% discount
€50 CASH
25% discount
10% discount
Gift Card worth €49
Turn the wheel a nice prize to win
  • you can turn 2 times

Pub Trail Oostende


Natiënkaai 1 (Stationsplein), Ostend


about 4 km


during this Pub Trail you will discover the tourist 'highlights' of Ostend and of course very nice pubs

pubgentmorning Ostend
What is a Pub Trail?
A Pub Trail is a group game. You go on a scavenger hunt through the city and play games in pubs. There are also fun team assignments in the game.

We are with a group, but I don't know exactly how many people are going with it. How can I order then?
Is the number of persons uncertain? Then agree on a Fixed Price with us. Send us an email (support@qula.info) or a WhatsApp. Then you don't pay too much.

Can we win something?
You play the game against each other, each player plays on his own phone. The one with the highest points wins. The winner wins €250, a €25.000 scratch card, a Qula Gift Card of €49, a VVV voucher worth €50 or another nice prize.

Can I get the Pub Trail also play with 2 people?
No, the minimum number of people is 4.

How long does the Pub Trail?
You can finish the game in about 3 hours, or it can take you late into the night. You can also abort the game at any time.

Do I need to reserve a date?
You don't have to set a date. If you have a login, you can go whenever you want. After you have ordered, you will receive an e-mail and you can register yourselfaken. This is possible 24/7.

Can the Pub Trail be done only in the evening?
You can do the Pub Trail do when the catering establishments are open. The game can therefore also be played during the day.

What do I need for the Pub Trail?
A good mood, a nice team and per person a telephone with a data abonnelement. You need access to the Internet.

Where does the Pub Trail?
You will receive the starting address by e-mail.

Does anyone Qula along?
No, there is no guide Qula with it.

Can I get the Pub Trail play in another language?
Yes, the game is in 6 languages ​​(Dutch, French, German, English, Spaans and Italian) available. Each player can play in a different language.

I think it is quite expensive, is there anything possible?
Send us an email (support@qula.info) or a WhatsApp whether a discount is possible for your group.
Promotion: temporarily this game does not cost €17,50, but only €9,50 per person.

Send us a Whatsapp or an email (support@qula.info) if you want to use this maken.
'Very nice to have your own pubgentto be able to do this in this way. It was just not entirely clear to us whether drinks were included (which is not the case). Everything else is very clear and a nice route with the nicest spots. We wouldn't have seen them all otherwise. Highly recommended!'

“It was very nice to walk through the city like that. We saw the most beautiful places and the variety of pub assignments were fun for everyone to do. The explanation is clear and comprehensive. Deserves an extra compliment Qula's service both before and after playing the Pub Trail. We were pleasantly surprised how fast and accurate Qula responded to our questions. We will do this more often!'

'Had a great afternoon, GPS worked well. Went to nice places and had a lot of laughs with the games. Definitely worth repeating in another city. Nice outing'👍

'Super fun game, very fun assignments. The GPS didn't work (or I didn't know how it worked) but with a mobile phone you can get everywhere'
Great !!!

'We had a nice afternoon. Unfortunately it rained all afternoon, but luckily you can go to the pub. That's where we spent most of the time and also answered the questions. So we didn't see the highlights, but that didn't make it any less fun. We played the games in the pub and had a lot of fun doing it. Will definitely do it again in another city.'

Read more reviews on eg Social Deal or Tripadvisor.
- You can play almost immediately after purchase, it's 'Pay & Play'.

- You don't have to reserve a time or date.

- So you don't have to book 24 hours in advance.

- You can use maken of the login you receive.

- Is the number of persons uncertain? Then agree on a Fixed Price with us. Send us an email (support@qula.info) or send a WhatsApp.
If you are looking for an outing for the whole family, we advise you Qula City Trails. City Trails are great fun quests through Dutch and Belgian cities. You visit the nicest places, solve riddles and do funny assignments. This too is just on your smartphone.

A Qula City Trail you pay per group instead of per person. Qula City Trails are therefore a nice budget outing for the whole family.

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Een kroegentocht door Oostende is een onvergetelijke ervaring. De stad heeft verschillende bars die elk hun eigen stijl en sfeer hebben. Van gezellige bierbars tot luxe cocktailbars, er is voor ieder wat wils. Naast de bars, heb je ook nog eens de prachtige strandpromenade die je door de stad voert. Of wat te denken van de vele restaurantjes waar je terecht kunt voor een hapje of drankje?


Om je kroegentocht zo gezellig mogelijk te maken, is het aan te raden om van tevoren een route uit te stippelen. Zo weet je precies welke bar je als volgende wil bezoeken en hoeveel tijd je daarvoor hebt. Voorbeeldroutes zijn gemakkelijk online te vinden en zijn speciaal gemaakt voor een avond in Oostende.
Tijdens jouw kroegentocht moet er natuurlijk ook iets lekkers gedronken worden! Gelukkig biedt Oostende diverse soorten bier, cocktails en andere drankjes aan in verschillende bars. Probeer hierbij ook zeker lokale specialiteit zoals ‘De Kust Bier’ of ‘Oostendse Lager’. Wil jij liever wat minder alcohol drinken? Dan is er altijd nog de ‘Koffie D’Or’, gemaakt met verse Arabica bonenkoekjes uit België!
Naast al dat drinkplezier is er in Oostende ook genoeg vermaak om jouw kroegentocht compleet te maken! Waarom ga je niet naar één van de vele concertzalen of theaters? Of wat dacht je van een leuke filmavond in één van de bioscoopzalen?
Je hoeft jezelf dus nooit te vervelen tijdens jouw kroegentocht door Oostende!