Qula Mystery Trails

Solve mysteries in a city with your team on your mobile.

Outdoor Corona Proof Group Activity

What is the activity?
You and your team are looking for 15 special (fictional) inhabitants of a city. These are the same in every city. Your team must help them by solving riddles. Some riddles are quite difficult and others are easy. The more difficult a riddle is, the more points you can earn.

Your team earns points if you find the resident and if you solve their riddle. If you play with multiple teams, the team with the most points wins.

Why is this group activity Corona proof?
Because of Corona group formation is prohibited. You therefore play this game in teams of up to 2 people (does not apply to families) against each other. A maximum of 1 people can play on 8 voucher. These participants are divided into teams of 2 people. This is allowed and so you can play safely.

If you have only registered with Alvast, you do '100% Play Guarantee'. If you can't go, you can choose a new date.


  • After purchase via our website or for example Groupon of Social Deal you can play directly. So you don't have to make a reservation.
  • Be sure to read the 'FAQ' on this page.
scavenger hunts in the Netherlands provided

€49 for up to 8 people

  • Teams of, for example, 2 people
  • Teams are spreading 
  • Teams get game guarantee 
  • The game is played outside
  • buy today = walk today!


Alkmaar, known for its cheeses, but the whole town is worth a visit. With the Mystery Trail you will see the highlights of this city…


Almere-Haven has no historic city center. But the nice beach and the cozy harbor maken worth a visit…


's greatest treasure Amersfoort is its history. In the many monuments, streets, canals and subtielThe details make you feel this medieval city…


Amsterdam, our capital is and remains unique to visit. The Mystery Trail takes you to the hotspots of this city, the canals, the palace, the dam…


Antwerpen, in 1500 the most important city in Northern Europe and it shows. The Trail takes you to the most exciting places…


Arnhem is a city of hospitality, fashion and shopping. Arnhem offers a great mix of a modern city, historic sites and nature…


The city of Bartje, lively markets and of course the TT Assen. You will pass the pleasant harbor and the beautiful park at the Drents Museum. Above all, enjoy the Drenthe hospitality…


The Burgundian Breda invites you to enjoy history, culture and good food. This garrison town has a very eventful history. experience Breda with the Qula Mystery Trail...


Brugge is a medieval city that you Qula can discover. It is not for nothing that the historic city center of Brugge in its entirety is a UNESCO World Heritage Site…


Brussel has a rich history and sights of stature. Walk with Qula to the beautiful Palace, De Kunstberg, the Market…


Delft is always worth a visit. World famous for it Delfts Blue, it is a pleasant city. You will see the nicest places in this special city…

Den Bosch

Den Bosch has it all, art, culture, good food and drink in a lovely city. Qula takes you to the cultural highlights, the must-sees and the tips…

Den Haag

Den Haag is the Residence city, In Den Haag culture, the royal family and politics come together. Den Haag is full of fun surprises. Discover Den Haag with Qula...


Deventer is an old city on the IJssel river, with a beautiful history. And you see that everywhere: Beautiful monuments, but also fun for those who want to shop...


Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland and is seen by the BBC as the highlight of the Netherlands. Qula leads you straight through the historic center…


Eindhoven is a distinct, self-assured city. Known for PSV, shopping and innovations, design and creativity. Of Qula get to know the City of Light…


An attractive center, a beautiful square, the most beautiful citysparc of the Netherlands, a dolmen in the city. Emmen is a surpriseassenthe 'city' that has everything...


Discover Gouda with its old, historic center. Taste the famous cheese and Gouda stroopwafels. A scavenger hunt Gouda recommended…


Groningen is a bustling student city. Discover with Qula hidden monuments, graceful courtyards and fascinating history…


Near the beach and on a beautiful river, Haarlem with its many monumental buildings and old squares. Of Qula wander through small streets…


Discover the rich history of this beautiful town. Known for his important role for the VOC. Stroll through the picturesque harbors and old town…


Did you know Leeuwarden 'Small Amsterdam' is called? That is not without reason. Leeuwarden is a lovely city for a day trip. Qula shows you the nicest places…


Leiden is our university city, but so much more. With all the museums, canals and history, this is the city to visit. Qula let the real Leiden to see…


Luik a dirty city? I do not think so. Did you know Luik has a very beautiful historic center, with cozy beer cafés, an enormous history and many nice museums…


Historic buildings and trendy design shops. Cozy terrassen and chic restaurants. Caves and towers. City walls and water. Maastricht has it all…


Mechelen has so much to offer. A rich city on the Dyle with special streets and squares. Taste the atmosphere of the Renaissance, the Netherlands and Belgian beer…


On the coast, the Zeeland coast, lies the fantastic Middelburg. Important VOC city and it shows, culture, conviviality and yet also cozy. Middelburg is a celebration…


Nijmegen is our oldest city, the Romans already lived here. History meets you here. The city is so very diverse and has a variety of special features. Qula helps you on your way…


Roosendaal is a real shopping city. You will also be welcomed in the many catering industry with Roosendaalhospitality, friendliness and conviviality…


Rotterdam is booming, Manhattan on the Maas is worth a visit. More and more tourists are enjoying this bustling city. Of Qula you walk a fantastic Maas route…


Get to know the rich, colorful past of Schagen. Taste the rural and friendly atmosphere when you Qula through the narrow shopping streets…


Fresh sea air, fresh herring, a pedestrian promenade and nice beach bars. Scheveningen is one of the most popular seaside resorts and for good reason…


Jenever capital, an old Dutch city center and the tallest windmills in the world. That is Schiedam in a nut village. Schiedam is just nice and cozy…


Utrecht, the heart of the Netherlands. Unique city with its own character. Many special squares, canals and hidden gems. Find them with Qula...


The Hanseatic City Zutphen has a rich history, many traces of which can be found in the center. Beautiful monumental buildings and old streets determine the cityscape…


Zwolle is a cultural hotspot. The dynamics spaDon't miss this historic and hip city! A fun treasure hunt makes a visit just something spannender…

  1. Alkmaar (starting point: Noorderkade footbridge)
  2. Almere-Haven (Market 43)
  3. Amersfoort (starting point: Achter de Kamp 256)
  4. Amsterdam (starting point: Central Station)
  5. Antwerpen (starting point: Groenplaats)
  6. Arnhem (starting point: Lombardsteeg 6)
  7. Assen (starting point: Stationsplein 2)
  8. Breda (starting point: Central Station)
  9. Brugge (starting point: Stationsplein)
  10. Brussel (starting point: Europe crossroads, square in front of Central Station)
  11. Delft (starting point: Central Station)
  12. Den Bosch (starting point: Stationsplein, Central Station)
  13. Den Haag (starting point: Spui 70)
  14. Deventer (starting point: Little Paw 7)
  15. Dordrecht (starting point: Grotekerksplein)
  16. Eindhoven (starting point: Central Station)
  17. Emmen (starting point: Kapelstraat 63)
  18. Gouda (starting point: Market 35)
  19. Groningen (starting point: Central Station)
  20. Haarlem (starting point: Kruisweg 32)
  21. Hoorn (starting point: Roode Steen (square))
  22. Leeuwarden (starting point: Oldehoofsterkerkhof)
  23. Leiden (starting point: Morsstraat 66)
  24. Luik (starting point: Place Saint Paul)
  25. Maastricht (starting point: Graanmarkt 1)
  26. Mechelen (starting point: Keizerstraat 20)
  27. Middelburg (starting point: NS Station. Middelburg)
  28. Nijmegen (starting point: Kelfkensbos)
  29. Roosendaal (starting point: Quay 21)
  30. Rotterdam (starting point: Markthal/Grote Markt)
  31. Schagen (starting point: Slotplein 1)
  32. Scheveningen (starting point: Vissershavenweg 66)
  33. Schiedam (Stationsplein 1)
  34. Utrecht (starting point: Domplein 20)
  35. Zutphen (starting point: Waterstraat 3) 
  36. Zwolle (starting point: Behind the Brothers 1)

What are we actually going to do?
You go in search of hidden places in the city. You can find this place with the help of a map and GPS. So you have to be willing and able to search a bit. For every point your team finds, you earn 250 points. When you find a point, you get a riddle. If you solve the riddle, you will earn extra points. 

What is a Mystery Trails en City Trails?
Another city game of ours is City Trails† The differences between a Mystery Trail and an City Trail are:

  • At Mystery Trails the team has to solve puzzles, sometimes real brain teasers. Bee City Trails you get questions about the city or the location.
  • City Trails also tells you fun facts about a city and its history. At the Mystery Trails no, there all riddles are the same per city. The locations are of course different per city.
  • City Trails contain searches, especially children like to do this.
  • Some puzzles are too difficult for children. Kids find the City Trails almost always nicer. Also at a City Trail must be searched and thought, but you do not have to solve puzzles.
  • If you are using a City Trail do you come by the high lights of a city. If you're a Mystery Trail you have to try to find more or less random places.

Are the riddles difficult?
Some riddles are quite difficult and some are easy. We take everyone into account. The more difficult a riddle is, the more points your team can earn.

In every city the questions of Mystery Trails the same. 

How many hidden places are there in the city?
There are 15 places you have to try to find. You don't necessarily have to 'do' them all. You can stop if you want.

How long does the scavenger hunt take?
You need about 2 hours for the treasure hunt. During the game you can of course just grab a terrace or buy something in the store. Then the treasure hunt will take longer. There is no maximum time in which you must complete the assignments.

When can we play? 
That is possible 24/7.

We have 'Mystery Trail' bought on a discount website, what now?
1. After purchasing on the discount website (for example Social Deal) you will receive a Voucher from them
2. This voucher contains a unique code
3. You redeem this voucher with your code on www.qula. Info
4. We will give you instructions on how to 'get started'.
5. Go to the starting point (mentioned in confirmation email)
7. Agree with each other how long it can last and where you meet afterwards
8. Get started! 

What do I need for the scavenger hunt?
A good mood, a nice team and per team a phone with a data abonnement, because you need access to the Internet. In addition, 'Allow location' (GPS tracking) must be enabled on your phone, because GPS will guide you through the city. 

How does it work with teams and vouchers?
A maximum of 1 participants can play on 8 voucher. You divide the participants yourself into groups of 2 people. All teams receive a login and depart from the same starting point in the city. The teams spread throughout the city. You meet somewhere to get back together. Then you see which team has achieved the most points. This team wins.

Who is this fun for?
For day trippers, friends, families and relatives who want to visit a city 'differently', or as a staff outing. You must like puzzles. Children almost always have much more fun when they a City Trail to do.