Louvre The Game

A fantastic treasure hunt through the wonderful world of the Louvre in Paris

'Louvre, The Game', a fantastic treasure hunt!

A scavenger hunt through the Louvre in Paris is a fun way to discover this wonderful museum. Louvre is not only known for its beautiful works of art, but also for the many secrets hidden within the building. The scavenger hunt through the Louvre Museum gives you the chance to track down these hidden treasures.

De specificurtocht through the Loufever is geschikt vear groups from 2 persons. You will receive an app with a card with daarop de works of art you should try to find.

You have opdracth voltooien om punth te seedienen. Om de specificurtocht nog leuker te maken, krijg you een lijst with vragen can betrekBooking heb to de towardchillend kunstwhoken in de Louvre. The spertocht is ook geschikt vear childeren.

De specificurtocht by the Loufever is een leweek Monere om het museum te ontdekken en tegelcheckertijd te geneieten Van in de preightowned kunstwhoken. By de towardchillend opdracth en vragen leren de teams meer over de kunstwhoken en de geschiedenis Van in the Loufever. Wie de methis punth seezamorld, wint de specificurtocht.

Treasure hunts through the Louvre provided
  • Group price for max. 6 people
  • The price is not per person!
  • The entrance to the Louvre is not included
  • 'Louvre, The Game' you play on your phone
  • available in 6 languages

    the game is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

  • pay today, play today

    after you have paid you will receive instructions on how to create a login. You can start immediately!

'The treasure hunt made our visit to the Louvre so different, so much fun!'

  • You search through the Louvre for 12 works of art
  • Once found a work of art? Then you will receive an assignment or a question
  • You can take as long as you want to complete the scavenger hunt

Where do I start?
Rue de Rivoli, Paris (Louvre Museum)
(entrance is not included)

When can I do the scavenger hunt?
Every day the Louvre is open.

Do we get a route map?
You will receive a card from us. You don't get a route map, because it's a treasure hunt. That's much more fun than an app that tells you how to walk!

I like this, now what?
1. You buy this scavenger hunt on this page or through Tripadvisor 
2. You then create here a login for the game at
3. You will receive a password, instructions and explanation by e-mail

What do I need for the scavenger hunt?
One telephone with an Internet connection per team. You have to turn on GPS, because GPS helps you search through the Louvre.

Can I also play with 2 people?
Yes, that's possible. About 1/3 play this game in a duo.

Where can I find the Qula app?
You play the scavenger hunt through our website. This is called a 'Web App'. So there is no app in a store (Google/Apple).

How long does the Trail take?
You need about 3 hours for the scavenger hunt, but you can take as long as you want. There is no time pressure.

Who will win the Treasure Hunt?
At the end you get a score. This score will add to a list of all teams that have previously done the Louvre scavenger hunt.

Do I have to make reservations?
No, you can determine the day and time yourself. After you have ordered, you will receive an email with all the details. Then you decide when you are going to do the scavenger hunt. 24/7, so no advance reservation.

When do I open the web app?
When you arrive at the starting address, open the site/app and start the game. You can already open it at home, but not play it yet.

Can I practice earlier?
Yes you can here test and practice the game† There is no DEMOgame for the quest for the Louvre. Choose one for this City Trail† They technically work the same.

What kind of questions can I expect?
For example, you have to try to find a painting. Or you see a picture of a statue and the question is in which room it is located. You can also watch a video after which you will be asked a question. People really like it!

Is the scavenger hunt suitable for children?
Yes definitely. The questions are diverse, the facts about it too. Searching for locations via GPS as well. Kids find the Qula Trails are almost always fun.

Do I need a plan or map of the Louvre?
That is very practical! But also in the Qula app has a digital map (with GPS tracker) built-in. You can use this interactively.

How do you play the game?
The team (max 6 participants) appoints 1 team leader who reads the game. You use 1 smartphone per team, on which you determine the locations together and solve the questions together. That's what makes it so much fun, it's a team game.

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