Qula City Trail Alkmaar

a super fun treasure hunt on your Smartphone


- DAY TRIP31 -

How does it work in 5 steps?
1. Order the City Trail Below.
2. Enter the above discount code/coupon code (DAGJEWEG31).
3. You only pay €31 (for max 6 participants)
4. You will receive an email with login and explanation.
5. You can start.



Qula City Trails are great treasure hunts through Belgian, Dutch or other European cities. Visit beautiful places, solve puzzles and do fun missions. Everything on your smartphone. Take advantage of the discount now DagjeWeg.nl

  • You can go in different cities do the scavenger hunt
  • The game lasts about 3 hours
  • For 2 to 6 people
  • All quests are offered in 6 languages
  • Play together or against each other
  • Play whenever you want (no reservation required)
  • After ordering you can play the game for up to 1 year 
  • The price is per group, not per person
average rating

20 hidden places 
about 2,5 hour 
5.9 km

Home Noorderkade, Alkmaar (on the walkway)

Highlights: During this trail you will explore the Molen van Piet, Biermuseum, Huis met de Kogel, Vismarkt, Wildemanshofje, Hof van Soney, City Hall and much more.

When? Available 24/7.

Bought, now what?
1. After purchase you will receive instructions on how to 'reserve' and 'get started'.
2. Go to the walkway at the Noorderkade (can't miss)
3. Follow the instructions mentioned after purchase
4. Get started! 

What do I need for the Trail?
A good mood, a nice team and per team a phone with a data abonnement, because you need access to the Internet. In addition, GPS tracking is also on, because GPS guides you through the city. 

Where can I find the Qula app?
Qula you play through our site. So it is a Web app and not an app in a store. You don't have to download an app from a store beforehand. (Google/Apple)

How long does the Trail take?
On average, a Trail takes about 2,5 -3 hours. During the game you can of course just grab a terrace or take a break. Then the treasure hunt will take longer. There is no maximum time in which you must complete the assignments.

Do you have to be fit for the Trail?
No, not special. You can make the Trail as short and long as you wantaken if you want to by skipping locations (e.g. a bit further away). The average length of a complete trail is about 4-6 km.

Who will win the Treasure Hunt?
If you play with multiple teams, the team with the most points wins. Each team can run its own route. Agree with each other a time where you will meet after the Trail (for example the finish). Compare your score there and the national scores.

Do I have to make reservations?
No, you can determine the day and time yourself. After you have ordered, you will receive an email with all the details. Then you decide yourself when you are going to do the Trail 24/7. So no reservation in advance.

Can the Trail also be walked in the evening?
Yes, that's possible. Although some courtyards, parks and squares can be closed in the evening (eg after 21:00h). Then you will not be able to reach that location and possibly not find a search query.

When do I open the Qula application?
Arrived at the starting address, open the site/app and start the game. You can already open it at home, but not play it yet. The locations and questions are only shown once. Once played and answered they expire. 

Where does the treasure hunt start?
Each Trail has a specific starting point in the city. The site states where the starting point is per city. You will also receive it by email if you have purchased the Trail.

Can I start somewhere other than the starting point? Yes you can, you can determine the order of the locations yourself.

Is the Trail wheelchair friendly?
Yes, as a rule yes. You walk through the public space. Sometimes there are hills (Nijmegen en Maastricht for example). And some public areas are less easily accessible. You can always see for yourself whether you want to visit a location or skip it. 

What kind of questions can I expect?
Some questions are search queries on the location and then you can find the answer there. Some questions are more (general) knowledge questions. The questions are about the city or location in a broad sense. 

Are all questions the same?
No definitely not. You have open questions, multiple choice, sound questions, time assignments, search pictures, photo questions, etc.

Is it suitable for children?
Yes absolutely. The questions are diverse, the facts about the city fun. Searching for locations via GPS as well. Kids find the Qula Trails always fun.

Can I also play with 2 people?
Yes, that's really nice. 30% of our players are couples. You do the assignments together and get to know the city while walking. At the finish you compare your score with the national result. Will you be the best team in the country?

Can you play in another language?
Yes you can. Qula is available in at least 6 languages ​​(NL, GB, D, F, Sp, I). If you are going to play, choose the desired language before entering your personal password.

Do I need a map of the city?
No, in the Qula The digital map (GPS tracker) is built into the app. You can use this interactively.

How do you play the game?
The team (max 6 participants) appoints 1 team leader who reads the game. You use 1 smartphone per team, on which you determine the locations together and solve the questions together. That's what makes it so much fun, it's a team game.

Who is this fun for?
For day trippers, friends, families and relatives who want to visit a city 'differently', or as a staff outing.

What does a treasure hunt cost? 
€49 per scavenger hunt per team. A team may consist of a maximum of 6 players. Ask about the discount options!

I cannot pay online. Can I receive an invoice?
That's possible, no problem.

Qula Trails are ideal as a company outing or for other large groups. Qula City Trails are fun, educational and affordable! Send us an e-mail if you have any questions. managing board@qula. Info. If available you can also directly about this chat with an employee.

We like to keep it simple, this is our offer for companies (amounts excluding VAT)

Company arrangement
– €10-€20 per person (depending on number of people)
– Choose from City Trail, Pub Trail en ActionTrail

Included as standard
– play with a Day Pass, freely divisible teams
– online support during the game
– play on a 'dedicated servers' (reliable & fast)
– 15% flexible number of players (you don't have to specify the exact number of players)
– free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance
– free change of reserved date
– on invoice and no mandatory payment in advance

Options to make it even more fun maken
– logo in the game €50
– in-game chat notification €75
– prize for the winning team (Gift Card) €24

Do you have an urgent question? Fill in the form below and choose 'as soon as possible, it is very urgent!'. Then we will contact you immediately. In addition, an employee is often available on our website to chat or 'Whatsapp'. You can also call us, but we only make our telephone number available after contact has been made via chat, Whataspp or e-mail.

Do you have a less pressing question? Please send an email. These are our email addresses:

  • info@qula.info (general questions)
  • reservation@qula.info (about your booking)
  • administration@qula.info (about moneyzaken)
  • marketing@qula.info (about sales channels)
  • managing board@qula.info (about cooperation with us)

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