Qula Pub Trails

Qula offers fun quests and walking tours on your Smartphone. 



What is a Pub Trail?
A Pub Trail is a combination of a treasure hunt with a pubgentmorning. You go on a scavenger hunt through the city and you play a pub game in the pubs you visit.

So you can earn points, but who wins the Pub Trail?
You play the game against each other. The one with the highest points wins. The winner wins a nice prize.

What is the Game Launcher and what is its role?
The 'Game starter' is the one who logs in first and makes the 'Game pin' available to the participants. The 'Game Starter' has slightly more rights during the game, for example only he can select the winner of a pub game.

What are we going to do now?
During the scavenger hunt through the city, you will be asked a question at nice places. You earn points by answering the question correctly. You will receive simple assignments in the cafes. With this you can also earn points… or lose them.

How long does the Pub Trail?
The scavenger hunt consists of about 7 locations that you must try to find in the city. During the trail you will pass some nice pubs. In the pub you play a fun, not too difficult pub game. You can choose in which pub you do this.

How long it takes you to do this is entirely up to you. You can rush through the game in 2 hours, or it can take you late into the night. You can de Pub Trail can also cancel at any time.

Can the Pub Trail only be walked in the evening?
You can do the Pub Trail do when the restaurant is open. The game can therefore also be played during the day.

Which pubs are we going to?
The player in the game with the most points is the 'Game Master'. They can determine where you will do the assignments.

Are we going to play drinking games?
There are no drinking games in the game. If you want to do this, you have to arrange this amongst yourselves.

Do I need to bring anything?
Yes, someone has to bring a pen, Post-it and 2 dice.

Can I get the Pub Trail test?
Yes, we have a DEMO-game.


– You have handed in a certain number of vouchers. If more people want to participate later, they must also buy a voucher.

– If you have bought a voucher for (for example) 8 people and extra people will join you later, buy extra vouchers on, for example Social Deal. You can also join us order additional vouchers directly.

– The vouchers of all participants must be redeemed at the same time (in one go). 

- Sometimes it happens that friends still exchange their voucher with us. Then they (also) receive a login. They should not use this login! It is important for the operation of the game that only 1 person starts the game.

– The person who starts the game (with the login that is sent) is called 'Game Starter' in the game. The player with the most points is called 'Game Master' in the game.

Visit qula.info/pub For more information.


Is there a Qula application?
No, there is no Qula app in Google Play Store or App Store. You play the game with a login to a website.

Do we get directions?

No, you will not get directions. You have to search for the locations yourself. Qula is a quest after all.

Your team's location is indicated by a blue dot on a map in the app. The locations are also on a map in the game. You have to puzzle yourself how to get from location A to B.

How much data traffic does the game use?
Very little, between 5 and 9 MB.

What do I need for the Pub Trail?
One telephone with a data-a per personbonnelement. You need access to the Internet. GPS location must also be turned on on your phone and your phone must be fully charged.

Test your GPS before you go.
Sometimes participants stand at the start of a Pub Trail and the GPS is not working on their phone. Then she sees the notification in our app:
'Geo location has been denied(see also image)

Then you can't do the scavenger hunt! Test if your GPS works with this link: 

Do you see the error message 'Geolocation has been denied'? That is not good! Of course, test with the phone you are going to play on.

  • Charge your mobile phone 100% before you leave
  • Test your GPS before you go
  • Turn on your phone's sound
  • You play against each other and that makes the game a bit cluttered with a large group. It is best to divide a large group into 2 groups
  • Any player can na starting the game choose its own language
  • It is important that only 1 player starts the game with the login email that Qula has provided, the fellow players receive a Game Pin.
  • Share this explanation and the DEMO-game with everyone who goes

That's because you haven't allowed your phone to determine your location. Change this at 'Settings' or 'Settings', see below for iPhone and other phone brands (Android)


Iphone (Location is under 'Privacy')

I have turned on 'My location', but I still get a 'Geo-location error'.
Rarely, but unfortunately sometimes happens. You solve this. There is a 'Map of Locations' tab in the game. In it you will see a Square at the top right. Click on the Square and select 'Stamen (Toner)'.

Awesome, I still have it!
Then you use an 'ad blocker'. Turn it off temporarily.


If the weather is bad or we just can't, can we play another time?​
Yes, that's possible. If you have a login, you can play whenever you want. Your login remains valid for 1 year.

We bought 10 vouchers, but maybe someone else will join us. Can he also log in?
Yes, we can arrange that. Send a Whatsapp or e-mail (reservation@qula.info).

We bought 10 vouchers but maybe less people are going. Do I get money back?
No, as soon as you have redeemed your vouchers, we purchase the game from a supplier. Unfortunately, we are not entitled to a refund if we inform you that there will be fewer players. 

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