a scavenger hunt in your own residential area; the ideal children's party

With Kids Trails children are playing outside again.  Ideal for a fun and affordable children's party. This treasure hunt can be played in any residential area in the Netherlands.

Kids Trails, scavenger hunt for kids

Qula Kids Trails are very nice for a spafun, healthy and affordable children's party. With Kids Trails children go into their own neighborhood in small teams for a digital treasure hunt. The children get funny searches, riddles and crazy questions on a mobile.

The children play against each other in teams. For example 2 teams of 4 children.

As a parent you are the game leader. As a game leader you can:
– set the maximum time the children can spend on the game
– see where the children are walking
– send messages to the teams (the children)

The team with the most points wins the quest through the residential area.

Kids Trails Powered

Qula Kids Trails costs €54,90 for 1 day of unlimited play for up to 15 children. 

In brief

appreciation by parents
  • The children play against each other in small teams for the highest score
  • Having an Kids Trail can be played in any neighborhood or district and are suitable for children aged 6-12 years
  • Having an Kids Trail can cannot are played in a nature reserve (because the questions and assignments are about things you encounter in a residential area)
  • With young children it is of course better to walk with the children 
  • Children play outside, you are given a rest ????
  • A maximum of 1 children can play on 15 voucher. And you can do multiple rounds.
  • Kids Trails is played with a mobile on which children are given assignments and questions
  • You control the game and the children from a dashboard
  • Bad weather? No problem! Then they play another time, the login remains valid for 1 year!

Why do kids like this?

appreciation by children
  • They have to search and do assignments, children love this!
  • The game is played on a mobile
  • They play with teams against each other, that's what they think spannnd
  • It's outside and they feel free! 

Note: This game is played in groups. The groups (for example 2 groups of 3 children) play against each other. 
1 mobile phone with Internet connection is required per group.

School outings and parties

De Kids Trails are fun for a birthday party, but also for your class, your football club or as a school outing. Send an email to info@qula.info for the possibilities. 

50% discount
€50 CASH
25% discount
10% discount
Gift Card worth €49
Turn the wheel a nice prize to win
  • you can turn 2 times
Action game 'the Hunt' is for people who like spaning, strategy and action. 'de Jacht' is especially popular with larger groups and as a company outing. This action game can be played in any city.

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What may you expect?

We understand that you want to know what the children are going to do. So here are some sample questions. We also have a DEMO game developed, so that you can prepare in advance.

And then this....

If you've worked so hard on the new features in the KidsTrail, these are the emails we're doing it for, thank you Nathascha: