Antwerpenwhat a nice city for a pubgentmorning!

Antwerpen is one of the most energetic cities in Belgium. It's the perfect place to start your night out. A croupgentmorning in Antwerpen is a great way to explore the city and have fun with your group of friends or colleagues.
You will find plenty of pubs to discover endlessly during a pubgentthrough the night Antwerpen. For example, Cafe d'Anvers, where you can enjoy Belgian beers and cocktails, and The Rockwood Lounge, where you can enjoy the best live music in all of Antwerpen finds. Or how about 't Mask, where you can dance endlessly to the world's best music?
It's even more fun if you go with a group – think of team building or even a bachelorette party! You can also play games such as 'Who is the Mole tonight?'. This game goes like this: each player starts with the same number of points and each player takes something home from the bar where he or she is located each round. The players collect points by guessing who is De Mol (the loser) that night; whoever has the least number of points after each round loses that round and has to take something home. 
In short: do you want in Antwerpen fun going out with friends or colleagues? Then is a pubgentthrough the night Antwerpen exactly what you are looking for!
Antwerpen is a nice city to go out. The 10 best cafes in Antwerpen are:
1. 't Zilte: a trendy cafe with tasty dishes.
2. De Muze: a cozy café with a mix of nationalities.
3. Staminee Den Os: a cozy beer shop.
4. In the Blue Hand: a vibrant atmosphere.
5. De Engel: an inviting café with a cozy terrace.
6. The Music Village: a trendy bar with regular live music.
7. Café d'Anvers: a trendy bar.
8. The Baron: a hip cafe.
9. Café Den Engel: a cozy café with lots of fun activities.
10. Cafe de Comet: a cozy neighborhood café.