Leidenwhat a nice city for a pubgentmorning!

Leiden is the ideal city for a nice pubgentmorning. It is a student city where the most beautiful women in the Netherlands live. If you are here, you definitely should a pubgentthrough the night Leiden maken!
There are many different routes you can follow, but a good option is to start at Café De Tijd. Here you can enjoy delicious food and drinks with friends. Next to that café is also the well-known 'De Doel', which is known for its cozy atmosphere and authentic drinks. Here you will find many students and locals who live in the area, so it is always busy!
Then you go to Café Stadsbrouwerij Leiden, where they brew the most delicious beers. The nice thing about this café is that they often organize beer tasting evenings where you can taste different types of beer. In addition to the beer, you can also try typical Leiden dishes such as gingerbread with cheese or other local ones specialities.
Finally, you can pubgentthrough the night Leiden continue by going to the Berlin Brewery for more specialty beers or to 'De Zwarte Ruiter' where they regularly host live music and have something different on the menu every day. Or how about 'De Kikker', one of the leading cafes in the Netherlands Leiden? This Leiden café often organizes party nights with DJs from all over the Netherlands!
pubgentmorning leiden
Leiden is a nice city to go out. The 10 best cafes in Leiden are:
1. Café Trianon offers a breakfastspan atmospheres
2. Café De Skipper has a cozy terrace on the Leidse canal
3. Café Taverne 1883 has an extensive drink menu
4. Cafe De Bonte Koe, 2 times crowned best café in South Holland
5. Café LUX has a stylish interior 
6. Café De Waag is known for her speciale beers
7. Café 't Oud Zuivelhuis has a quiet atmosphere and delicious wine
8. Café-restaurant De Schout offers verrassenthe non-alcoholic drinks
9. Café De Kade has a friendly atmosphere
10. Café de Nieuwe Kolk has a cozy atmosphere