Qula pub Trails

a super fun combination of a treasure hunt and a pubgentmorning on your smartphone


Alkmaar, known for cheese, but is also worth a visit for its cozy cafes. The Pub Trail show you the high lights and the nicest bars…


from January 1, 2023


Amsterdam is and remains unique to visit. And the atmosphere in the nightlife is generally fantastic. You do a scavenger hunt and visit some cafes...


Prepare for a special evening! In town Arnhem you will find a colorful procession of original cafes, restaurants and lounges, perfect for a night out...

Bergen on Zoom

from January 1, 2023


Breda is a pleasant Burgundian city. The city breathes history and culture. And in Breda are of course very nice pubs...


Delft is always worth a visit. Because of the nice canals, it Delfts Blue and the historic center. But there are also a lot of pub in Delft and they are nice...

Den Bosch

Den Bosch has it all, art, culture, good food and drink in a lovely city. The Pub Trail makes this nice city even cozier...

Den Haag

In Den Haag culture and politics come together. This ancient city is full of surprises. And nice catering! Are you coming...


Eindhoven is known for PSV, innovations, design and Philips. But also of a super good nightlife. Get to know this with Qula...


from January 1, 2023


Enschede has many cafes and bars. Brown cafes, hip bars and trendy pubs, everything is in Enschede. Come and taste the atmosphere...


Groningen has a notorious nightlife, the bars never close. With the Pub Trail you will not only discover nice pubs, but you will also see other high lights of Groningen...


Discover the rich history of this beautiful town. Stroll through the picturesque harbors and old town.. You discover Hoorn and its cozy cafes with a Pub Trail...


Did you know Leeuwarden 'Small Amsterdam' is called? That's not for nothing. Leeuwarden is a lovely city for a night out. Qula shows you the nicest cafes and places.


Leiden is is a wonderful city for a day trip. Museums, canals, historic buildings. Leiden has everything! Also has Leiden a nice nightlife. Old pubs and a young crowd...


cozy terrassen, nice pubs, caves and towers. The Pub Trail in Maastricht is a very nice way to discover the city with a nice group...


from January 1, 2023


Nijmegen is our oldest city, the Romans already lived here. The city is extremely diverse and cozy. And Nijmegen has a great nightlife...


from January 1, 2023


from January 1, 2023


from January 1, 2023


Utrecht, the beating heart of the Netherlands. Unique city, special squares, canals and lots of nice pubs....


from January 1, 2023


from January 1, 2023


Zwolle has a lot of nice cafes. The city is historic, hip and cozy. Zwolle is an ideal city for a night out...