here you will find all the information to play

You received an email from us with a hyperlink to the game you ordered and a password. Please keep this email safe.

Important! Only use a DEMO game to test. To test, do not use the login you received from us by e-mail. Then your credit has been used.

  • Read the 'Game manual' keep going. Pay particular attention to the tips on how to solve any GPS problems.
  • Do one DEMOgame before you go. Then you know what to expect and whether GPS works on your phone.
  • The starting address is in the email with your login and password.
  • Go to this starting address, divide the teams (or play in 1 team) and have a nice day!
  • Want to Pub Trail going to do, you play against each other. Then you divide the group at the starting address did not teams.

  • Do you want a free Qula Received a gift card worth €49? then write a review on Tripadvisor.

We have demogames developed. This way you can see what the purpose of Qula† This way you can test the settings of your phone and GPS.

'the hunt'


login: DemoNL
password: 2525


The DEMOgame is did not functional, but you see how you start the game, what the game looks like and if your GPS is working.

Start a screenshot of a real game in here Arnhem.


Password: 2525


preferably operate the Control Room on a PC

In front of 'Specials' (our bicycle quests) are not separate DEMO spell. But 'Specials' work the same as the City Trails.

Therefore look at 'DEMO QULA-CITY TRAILS' how the Specials work.


There is often an employee available on our website to chat or 'Whatsapp' with. You can also call us, but we only make our telephone number available after we have communicated via chat, WhatsApp or e-mail.email has been contacted. 

Of course you can also send an email to: reservation@qula. Info. We respond within 24 hours.