Qula France

The best and cheapest group outing in France


The Rome of France, so you can Avignon to call. For 100 years popes lived in it Avignon. You should definitely visit the city wall, the small streets and the beautiful squares. Qula offers a fun treasure hunt in Avignon.


Bordeaux is great: what a nice city. So much to see and do. Beautiful buildings, cozy squares and fine restaurants. The center is almost an open-air museum that is on the World Heritage List.


Cognac is known for the drink cognac. But Cognac has more to offer. Cognac is a lovely town. Of Qula you will pass the best sights such as Église Saint Léger and Porte Saint-Jacques.


Dijon, city of mustard of course. But Dijon is also called the 'city of a hundred bell towers'. The market is perhaps one of the most beautiful in France. Here you will find the best mustard and wine.


Marseille is the oldest city in France. Marseille has rapidly established itself as a hip coastal city on the Mediterranean Sea. developed. Marseille is a really nice destination for a city trip


Montpellier, the golden city. The historic heart of the city is ideal for slowly wandering through the streets. See the monuments and taste this southern French city.


Lille is the 4th largest city in France and is growing rapidly. But the center and Vieux Lille is perhaps the nicest in Northern France. Experience this shopping city with its unique streets.


Nancy is an unknown gem that is too beautiful to just drive past. Stately squares, even the most beautiful square in France, great museums and beautiful streets deserve an introduction.

Paris (Louvre)

'Louvre, The Game' is a fantastic treasure hunt through the Louvre Museum in Paris. Find the treasures in the huge building and make your visit to the Louvre one spannd experience.


Reims is known for Champagne. Visit the most impressive cathedral in France or the Roman Porte de Mars. Enjoy the various squares where you can drink and eat deliciously.


Toulouse has a rich history. and knows how to perfectly combine the past and present, Toulouse is the European capital of aviation. The city has some pleasant surprises!