Qula Germany

The best and cheapest group outing in Germany


Aken is the city of Charlemagne. Its palace, the cathedral and the historic city center are fantastic to be with Qula to explore. Aken combines history, culture and conviviality in a wonderful way.


Bielefeld has a long history of linen production and trade. And the Alte Markt, the heart of the university city, is surrounded by patrician houses with historic facades and beautiful daken.


Bonn in a cultural hotspot. Above all is Bonn known as the birthplace of Beethoven. Bonn ls a nice town on the Rhine, just 20 minutes from Cologne. Nice for a scavenger hunt!


Bremen is known for beautiful fairy tales. Have you never heard of the 'Bremer Town Musicians' or the '7 Lazy Brothers'? Then get in the car quickly Qula Bremen. You won't regret this!


Hamburg is one of the nicest German cities. Hamburg is known as a rugged harbor city, but the water makes the city charming. Hamburg fizzing, so put Qula Hamburg but on your list.


Cologne is a lively city. Carnival, in particular, is celebrated exuberantly. The city is also known for the funicular over the Rhine, the enormous Cologne Cathedral and of course 'Eau de Cologne'.


In Koblenz is one of the nicest cities in Germany. This is where the Moselle and the Rhine meet. Koblenz has a historic center, imposing monuments and a huge fortress. Recommended!


Münster is the city of Peace. For example, the 80-year war between the Netherlands and Spanje was terminated here. But time doesn't stand still Münster is now a bustling city.


Osnabrück is still a bit unknown. The city has an atmospheric old town, great events and great shops. Good ingredients for a successful outing or weekend away.


Paderborn is a wonderful city where the quality of life and fun parties are very important for the inhabitants. Paderborn has many sights, a lovely river and ancient water sources.