Qula Trails

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In ancient times, Athens was the center for science and art. That rich history can still be felt in the city. Discover this history with Qula.


The city Bergen is located at the foot of picturesque bergen. And on a fjord. Former fishing town, now a tourist hot spot. Bryggen is beautiful, but Bergen has more.


Bilbao, of course, has Guggenheim. But Bilbao is much more than this. Qula takes you through the most beautiful neighborhoods. Bilbao is never boring Qula challenges you.


Boston has a rich history and looks European. The historic sights and friendly residents maken Boston an unforgettable destination.


Cartagena is located on the Caribbean coast and resembles an open-air museum. The beautiful colonial center is high on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Ireland's capital offers much more than pubs and music. The beautiful center, the university and the hospitality are more than worth a visit.


Edinburgh enchants with majestic castles, historic alleys and festivals. The city exudes history, culture and an irresistible Scottish charm.


Without Florence, the world would look different. Few cities have left such an impact on art and culture as Florence. You must have been here once.


Glasgow: a vibrant city full of culture, history and vibrant energy. Discover its charm, art and warm hospitality!


The colorful merchant houses are the calling card for Copenhagen. But the whole city is full of color. The Danes are also the happiest people in the world.


Krakow is a magical place where history, architecture, trendy shops and cosiness come together. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.


Kristiansand is the southernmost city in Norway and is called 'Sommerbyen' (summer city). The city is known for beaches, festivals and culture.


Lisbon is the largest city in Portugal. It is a super nice city for a short city trip. The historic city center offers enough variety for a few days.


It is impossible to get bored in London. This metropolis is bustling 24 hours a day. The atmosphere of the city is unique. You can discover the relaxed parks and hidden places with Qula.

Luxembourg City

You will rarely visit such a beautiful city, which also immediately feels very pleasant. The city is attractive, clean and well-arranged. The gorge is even impressive.


Madrid has many famous sights such as the Palacio Real and the museum triangle. Each building is more impressive than the next.


Milan is known as the main fashion city. Yet there is much more to experience. Of Qula you visit the nicest parks and really nice neighborhoods.


Pisa is much more than just the Tower of Pisa† Of course you have to see it. But with Qula you also get to the somewhat unknown places that the city is worthaken.


Newcastle is notorious for a vibrant nightlife. You can also enjoy a beer or watch a football match. Perfect for a weekend getaway.


Prague is a must see. The City of 100 Towers is one of the most beautiful architectural treasures in Europe. Of Qula see these treasures and discover the real city.


Rome is the most visited city in the world. In Rome you can look back in time and you really don't have to visit a museum for that. A must visit!

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a coastal town with beautiful beaches with nice boulevards. San Sebastian used to be the most important and most beautiful seaside resort of Spaher.


Sun in abundance Sevilla† That makes the city so pleasant all year round. But we also like the stunning Moorish architecture, flamenco and food.


Stavanger is Norway's oil city with a lively and international atmosphere, hip locals and an old center. The scavenger hunt through Stavanger is a lot of fun.


There are 24.000 islands around Stockholm. So many beautiful viewpoints. You visit this one Qula, as well as the hippest shops and historic streets.


Valencia is right on the beach. The sea is therefore never far away and neither is the holiday feeling. This city is relaxed and quirky. Take it easy and enjoy Valencia.


Here east and west European influences meet. That's what makes this city so fascinating. Of Qula you will discover the real history of the city.


Vienna is the city of classical music and buildings. But that's not all. The city has also been discovered by young people and is now vibrant, atmospheric and cozy.