Qula Nature Trails, Game manual

Qula offers fun quests and walking tours on your Smartphone. The ideal outing for family and groups.

for every question your team answers, protects Qula together with Oasebos 1 m2 rainforest.


Yes, you will get directions after logging in to www.qulatrails.com.

Your team's location is indicated by a blue dot on a map in the app. You walk from Hiking Point A, to Hiking Point B, and so on.

Take a look at the example below of 'Nature Trail Balloo'. It's really not difficult, it goes without saying. The green flag is the start, the orange the finish.

No, there is no Qula app in Google Play Store or App Store. You play the game with a login on the website www.qulatrails.com.

Yes, Qula supports the Oasebos Foundation with the proceeds. You will receive a question at each Hiking Point.

For every question your team answers, Qula possibly that Oasebos Foundation can protect one square meter of rainforest.

you maken so a super important walk!

Yes, that's possible. Your login remains valid for 1 year.

Yes, you end up back at the starting point. You will receive the starting point by email.

At some Nature Trails you start in a parking lot in the middle of nature. Unfortunately, these parking spaces do not have a house number. Then use the GPS coordinates to find the start, for example with Google Maps. This is not complicated at all.

That's because you haven't allowed your phone to determine your location. Change this at 'Settings' or 'Settings', see below for Iphone and other brands of phones (Android)


Iphone (Location is under 'Privacy')

Rarely, but unfortunately sometimes happens. This is how you solve it.

The game has a 'Map of Locations' tab. You will see a square in the top right. Click on the Square and select 'Stamen (Toner)'.

Websites (in this case qula-trails.com) may ask for your location. If you qula-trails.com refuses to determine your location, then your location will be cannot displayed in the game. Even if 'Location' is turned on. You must www.qula-trails.com so do not block. But sometimes this happens by accident. 

We will first discuss how to set this up for Android, then for an iPhone.


1. In Google Chrome on your phone, go to 'Settings')
* see Screenshots below
2. Go to: 'Site Settings
3. Go to 'Location'
4. Here is a list of 'Blocked websites'. if qula-trails.com here, click on this website and unblock our website. You can play!

(under these Screenshots is an explanation for Iphone)
* see Screenshots for Android


On an iPhone there are 2 levels to turn GPS on/off. 

1. At Phone level (see question 7)

2. In Safari (your browser). Here you come through: settings/safari/location. See image, also choose 'Allow' here

View video with explanation (for iPhone)

If the odometer counts down to the next Hiking Point, you're on the right track.

If the counter goes up, you are wrong!

Your location is determined by a GPS antenna in your phone (photo). These antennas are sometimes of poor quality and therefore inaccurately transmit your location. This is relatively more common with iPhones.

Yes, and this is very useful! Your team can then better read the questions. You must have Internet on your tablet. You can arrange this by using your phone as a WIFI Hotspot. Search the Internet for how to do this on your phone.

Yes, if you have already walked with us once, you will receive a discount if you visit another one Nature Trail want to walk.  

With the discount code: oasis forest
you only pay €14,50 instead of €29!

Our game is available in several languages. It's important to select a language on the homepage of www.qula-trails.com!

A translation error will happen if you select the language after using your password. At that stage 'Dutch' is already loaded. 

What to do when this happens?
Delete your cookies and browsing history and login again. See instruction video how to do this (iPhone)

Damn... still Dutch!? Probably you are using a Pop-up blocker. please disable your popup blocker for just a day. 
see instruction video how to do this (iPhone, Settings/ Safari, Block Popups)

Now it should work fine!

You earn points during a 'Nature Trail' and you can set a 'high score'. At the end, your score will be compared to other teams. 

However, the goal is simply to raise money to protect the rainforest.


The game consists of questions (in red) and 'extras' in green. 
In the last green row it says 'ROUTE + PLACE NAME'.

Use this map to navigate. The locations you need to look for are indicated by letters. There is a little blue ball that indicates your location.


Very little, between 5 and 9 MB.

About 15 small photos are loaded and sometimes a small video or gel clip.

An iPhone sometimes has problems with GPS. Then the location of your team will not be accurately determined. If you have the choice, it's better to Qula to play on a phone with Android (LG, Samsung, Motorola...basically all other brands).

Resetting GPS almost always helps, and that's how you do it!

The team leader logs in and reads the questions. But the game shows photos and videos so it's of course super fun if others can watch on their own phone.

It is possible to share your phone's screen with other phones. 

Do you have Android phone? Use Inkwire.
Use the free and reliable app Inkwire for this if you have an Android phone. Go to Inkwire on Google Play Store  or take a look first a video on Youtube how Inkwire works.

Do you use an iPhone?
Then you can ApowerMirror use.

Yes, that's possible. We have one here DEMO game developed. Go to this page and start it DEMOgame to see if everything works.

Do not use your own password and city to test. After that you can no longer log in.

Sometimes teams are at the start and the GPS is not working on their phone. They will then receive a notification from our app:
'The geolocation has been denied' (see also image)

Then you can't do the scavenger hunt! You can read how to solve this in questions 7 and 8.

Test if your GPS works with this link: 

Do you see the error message 'The geolocation has been denied'? That is not good!

Of course, do test with the phone you are going to play on.

  • Charge your mobile phone 100% before you leave.
  • Test your GPS before you go (see below)
  • Turn on your phone's sound
  • Play on a tablet, then your team members can watch better. Use your mobile as a WIFI Hotspot for this.

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