Especially for Univé staff a free Qula City Trail worth €49

this outing is offered free of charge by the Univé management to Univé staff. If you do not understand how it works, please contact Qula.
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How does it work in 6 steps?
1. CHOOSE A CITY where you want to play
2. Buy a City Trail
3. Enter the discount code above
("Redeem your coupon")
4. The price changes from €49 to €0,00
5. You will receive an email with login and explanation
6. You can start

qula-screenshot cash register1

A free outing for 6 people!

Qula City Trails are great quests through Belgian, Dutch, German or French cities. Visit beautiful places, solve puzzles and do fun missions. Everything on your smartphone and outside, so Coronaproof and very healthy and cozy!

Normally costs a Qula City Trail €49, but this outing is free for Univé staff.

  • You can go in different cities do the scavenger hunt
  • The game lasts about 2,5 hours
  • For 2 to 6 people
  • Play together or against each other
  • Play whenever you want (no reservation required)
  • After redeeming you can play the game for up to 1 year 

Terms & Conditions

  • redeem within 6 weeks (15 March next)
    (after redeeming you have 1 year to play)
  • this discount code is special for you and non-transferable
  • When redeeming, use only your Univé email address  
made possible in part by Stegman, specialist in employee gifts