Interactive Nature Walks in Drenthe


black lake

That is the Bargerveen, in the Veenland nature reserve. A small but special remnant of the once 300.000 hectare Boertanger swamp. In the past, more than half of our country was covered with raised moors. Almost all of this has been excavated for peat extraction. The peat is alive here again. Just like almost 300 bird species, about 40 species of dragonflies, 30 species…

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The Dwingelderveld is one of the quietest places in our country. The path you walk crosses the border between forest and heath. From the high edge at Drostenveen you have a good chance to discover special bird species. In the middle of the heathland you are on top of the Benderse …

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Walk back in time, across the beautiful and deserted heathland of the Ballooërveld. Climb the burial mound Galgenberg and discover the view of the ancient cart tracks in the blooming heathland. Time literally stands still here.



The yellow glow of the marsh flowers and a stream valley filled with purple orchids, in spring they are not to be missed on this walking route along the Deurzerdiep. From Assen you can walk straight into the semi-open landscape of Drenthe. Discover meandering streams, wet meadows and the special flower species.