Interactive Nature Walks in Flevoland



The Oostvaardersplassen are unique for the Netherlands and Europe. We walk along the edges of this unique nature reserve. Reeds, water, swamp, rough grassy plains and lots of birds… A real nature film has even been made of this, De Nieuwe Wildernis. We also walk through the Kotterbos. The Kotterbos is a unique piece of young nature where it is wonderful…

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This is a beautiful walk through the Unesco World Heritage Site of Schokland. You will find many remnants of the past here, such as remains of fishermen's houses, the church of Ens and the huge stones from Scandinavia. Schokland used to be an island, but now it is part of the mainland of the Noordoostpolder. Recommended.



Surround yourself with dozens of dragonflies, hundreds of plants and other riches of nature during a walk (7,3 km) over the forestspad in Flevoland. Enjoy the nesting birds in May and June, the life in the old forests and discover the Little Sweden of the Kuinderbos.