Naure Trail Ritthem is a beautiful walk through a creek area, around Fort Rammekens and the nature on Walcheren. Walcheren was once an island, now a sheltered landscape behind high dunes and heavy dikes. Maybe nice to know, Rammekenshoek was created after the bombing of the Allies in 1944.



The varied landscape around Hengelo is never boring! You walk from meadow to the forest and from water to nice towns. Nature Trail Hengelo goes past old yards, ash trees, meadows, forest edges with beautiful views and stories of the region. This interactive walk is highly recommended for the whole family!

nature hellebore


Nature Trail Hellendoorn passes through the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park. Here you will find one of the largest contiguous dry heath areas in Europe. The moraine looks almost un-Dutch due to its height differences. Enjoy the beautiful views and landscapes in the woods and on the heath. The interactive walk also goes through Hellendoorn, a charming place …

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Hiking around Hattem has it all! You will see culture and beautiful nature during this interactive nature walk. Between the dry Veluwe and the wet IJsselvallei lies the very nice Hanseatic town of Hattem. This is the home of the Kingfisher. With some luck, see the Kingfisher during this Nature Trail. You walk along beautiful forest streams and over this …

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swalmen river walk


This interactive Nature Trail goes through the North Limburg Landscape. You walk along the 60 meters high Bosberg and along the banks of the river Swalm. Calm but determined, this river meanders through the landscape to the Meuse. On the banks it is for wild boars, dassen and kingfishers have a good time. For you …

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The Oostvaardersplassen are unique for the Netherlands and Europe. We walk along the edges of this unique nature reserve. Reeds, water, swamp, rough grassy plains and lots of birds… A real nature film has even been made of this, De Nieuwe Wildernis. We also walk through the Kotterbos. The Kotterbos is a unique piece of young nature where it is wonderful…

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This is a beautiful walk through the Unesco World Heritage Site of Schokland. You will find many remnants of the past here, such as remains of fishermen's houses, the church of Ens and the huge stones from Scandinavia. Schokland used to be an island, but now it is part of the mainland of the Noordoostpolder. Recommended.


black lake

That is the Bargerveen, in the Veenland nature reserve. A small but special remnant of the once 300.000 hectare Boertanger swamp. In the past, more than half of our country was covered with raised moors. Almost all of this has been excavated for peat extraction. The peat is alive here again. Just like almost 300 bird species, about 40 species of dragonflies, 30 species…

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A walk on the edge of town Groningen in the wide landscape. Here you can also smell the woods of the liberation forest. The forest was planted in 1995 at the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands. Walk past mills, streams and small villages. We also dive for a while Groningen into town! A beautiful …

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The Dwingelderveld is one of the quietest places in our country. The path you walk crosses the border between forest and heath. From the high edge at Drostenveen you have a good chance to discover special bird species. In the middle of the heathland you are on top of the Benderse …

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