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Qula Trails are the best outings for family, friends and colleagues. In 2021, approximately 90.000 people played this interactive city treasure hunt. Qula Trails is the largest city-game provider in the Benelux with nearly 100 cities in Europe

You too can participate in this success. We love to work with companies that Qula Want to offer trails. take Qula Trails in your assortment and guarantee a wide margin with this unique product.

Qula Gift Card

For Partners Qula Trail attractive options and possibilities. Like the Qula gift card. With a sales value of €49 and an attractive purchase value, you offer a fun, healthy and educational activity for young and old.

Organizations for which Qula Trails of interest are: Christmas package suppliers, Lotteries, Spapromotions, Loyalty programs, Tourist Agencies and City Marketing. 

Companies we already work closely with are Tripadvisor, Booking.com, Stegman, Groupon, Social Deal, Talpa Emesa and many other companies. Want to become a partner too? Send an email to managing board@qula.info.


Qula City Trails are great quests through Belgian, Dutch, French and other European cities. Visit beautiful places, solve puzzles and do fun missions. Everything on your smartphone and outside, so Coronaproof.

  • More than 90.000 players in 2021

    In 2021, about 90.000 people played a Qula City Trail in one of nearly 100 cities in Europe

  • Active in nearly 100 cities

    With more than 47 cities in the Netherlands, 15 cities in Belgium and the rapid growth in Europe, there is always one City Trail near.

  • Best outing in the Netherlands

    It's what we do it for. Organizing a super fun day for our players. And it works, with an average of 8,7!

opportunities for collaboration

Qula offers, as the market leader, unique city quests on your smartphone. Play with your own team (family/friends) or with teams against each other.

You play the City Trail on your phone through an interactive app. You will discover the well-known, but also the lesser-known locations of a city. You should try to find these locations. You will receive points for each location you find.

You get a question about the location (often a prominent point in the city). Answering this question correctly will earn you extra points. In addition, you will receiveassenthe assignments and fun facts (Multimedia) about a city.

De City Trails are very highly valued and are suitable for young and old

Summarizing: - in a city there are about 18 hidden places - a scavenger hunt takes about 2,5 hours - you always start in the center or just outside the center - after purchase you will receive a login and you can decide for yourself when you will do the scavenger hunt
De Qula Gift Card is the gift card of Qula trail. This physical card is valid for 1 . with a unique code City Trail of your choice (78 cities).

The Gift Card has a sales value of €49 and entitles you to a game for a maximum of 6 people. (€8,17 per person).
The individual sales value of the Qula City Trails is €49.

Automation, low overhead and full online services allow us to offer high discounts on bulk purchases.

You can take advantage of that. Discounts of more than 75% are possible.

Ask us for the details.
Yes. The Gift Card is a good method to Qula Sell ​​and promote trails. Due to the unique code, the game is immediately your starting proof.

But other options are also possible. Such as online issuance of codes, a separate landingspagina for your company etc.

Ask us about the possibilities.
For suppliers or compilers of Christmas packages, the Qula Gift card ideal. The Gift Card will be delivered in a luxury envelope in the Christmas package.

Due to the name recognition, the relatively high sales value, the large number of cities and the healthy, cozy and educational character, the Gift Card is a welcome addition to any Christmas gift.

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